Diplomatic Escort services

Our escort girls

In our Diplomatic escort service you’ll find hypnotizing escort girls when everyone is as beautiful and glamorous as a fashion super model, famous porn star & an irresistible stripper.

The escort girls are available 24/7 around the clock and available to any geographic location within the region of Israel.

The escort girls are exclusively extremely appropriate for any kinds of attraction besides the sexual sensations they grant.

Likewise they are highly appropriate for business, luxurious event, business meeting and whenever you need a gorgeous lady to impress the crowd.

Escort services prices

Escort services are exclusively designated for the VIP gentlemen, the elite and financially successful people yet anyone who can afford the luxury can taste what we so deliciously offer.

The prices are not for bargain unless you order an escort girl for many hours or for the entire night, than we might grant you a discount for the satisfaction.

Not every escort girl grants all the escort services but all the services she does provide are entirely included in the price.

Escort services Make contact

You can address us with any question, wish or request no matter how sensationally it wild and unimaginable & we will be more than happy to exclusively actualize, realize and fulfill it to the fullest.

Likewise you are welcomed to call us at any fraction of a second and consult on wish type of escort you would like or anything else.

In page “Contact Us” you’ll find our number and can leave detailed details down below with your phone number and we will be sure to contact you as quickly as possible.


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Who are the customers who order escort girls?

The elite club, luxurious escort girls at your presence

Every gentleman now and then craves to get out his most lustiest desire and exploit the night to the fullest and just like anybody else they would like to take advantage of their financial wealth and enjoy the satisfaction of the escort girls.

Celebrities, politicians, oligarch and many public services men who are wealthy enough address the escort services every week without daring to hesitate for a fraction of a second.

The heads of the pyramid can afford spending money like throwing sand in the beach for example and that’s why they enjoy the most exclusively luxurious prestige escort girls in the highest level of escort services on the spinning globe.

Conventional gentlemen with an appetite for escort girls

Of course that most of the lecherous customers is the public itself and the simple citizens of the region who enjoy nothing more but taking a break from their full time job and taste the sweet delicious taste of an escort girl.

Many men fall in love, insanely addict and become obsessive about the sex with the escort girls where there is to say the least no wonder about it.

Escort girls simply are the goddesses of lust and provide men fantasies that any other women won’t ever be able to actualize, realize and fulfil.

Couples, Lesbians, Orgies & Escort girls as the cherry on top of the cake

The minority but they are still out there & they enjoy escort girls just like everyone else but in a more extreme way than else and they do so exhilaratingly passionately.


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